2013-01-06 14.24.08During the last 25 years I have been working with the dissemination of sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing design and production.


I was among the pioneers in the area of ​​dissemination of sustainable production and understanding of CSR concept in relation to the textile and clothing industry.

Through a wide range of exhibitions, teaching as guest lecturer, book and magazine publishing, I have both in Denmark and abroad sought to inform and maintain the problems this industry is in, and the role and responsibility of the designer in this context.

In the recent years I have restarted the Association Sustainable Solution Design Association with Tina Hjort also written handbook Guidelines II with my colleagues Tina Hjort, Helle Krüger and Eva Dahl.

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My personal point of view on these often confusing, paradoxical and problematic conditions can be experienced through my lectures, which often gives great insight into the material goods that surround us in everyday life, linked with all the actions we take as a consumer. Here I also give my bid and involving my personal setting, creating optimistic visions of the audience, students or workshop participants