Hegn Teglværksbakken 34

 I live in a small house in Hellerup, Copenhagen, Denmark with my 3 kids, 2 cats and chickens.

Privately, I have tried to live by my own beliefs. Therefore I have also learned how difficult it is to be a modern family in a modern society, while attempting to integrate environmental and sustainability into one’s daily life.

How to walk the talk – or think the THEORY into PRATICE can be harder than you think, as a private individual.

However, I believe it is important is to start  changes within your self, as an ordinary  consumer or resident on planet earth, in order to make a sustainable change globally.

I like products with a story, sentimental value or a purpose. Today Western society is a rich society and for the most part the opportunity to pick and choose is easily available. Therefore it is important that we surround ourselves with authenticity and not fill our lives and the world with a temporary, throw away content, where images change faster than the eye can blink.

Which of course in turn says something about the ‘buy and trash society’ we live in. A lot of the clothes we use are unused or barely worn, passed on in the haste to have the  “latest fashion trends”.

I try to relate to almost everything as a consumer: clothes, food, the products in our in our home, the products we use for hygiene and cleaning, seasonal celebrations and their decorations,  the amount of gifts and the need for them, even the materials we have used in the construction of our home.

25 years ago when I started to explore the knowledge, awareness and insights of sustainability, I was a bit too fanatical. Maintaining a 100% sustainable lifestyle simply became too big a struggle for my family, and me, and I have recognized since that everybody is doing their best to the extant they can.

Today I try to balance daily life with my sustainable goals as best I can, raising 3 children. They far from understand the difficult and complexly results that come from being part of the Western consumption world, but are learning through my example.

In my private life I surround myself with and enjoy art and design.

I prefer it simplicity and classic, timeless patterns. I am inspired by the Danish and Nordic culture and do spend a lot of time in my garden, where I work with stone and light. Stones symbolize infinity. They do not change, do not wear out but grow with nature and only get more beautiful as the years go by.

Some people are stimulated through audio influences. I am a visual person. I look for beauty and harmony in nature, in art, in color, in the surroundings of my own life.

Since 1999 I have worked with the total reconstruction and re-planning of my house and garden and through this labor of love I have gained a good deal of experience in the use of  use and expression found in natural materials.  As a result I have consulted and planned construction and renovations for others.