I grew up in an alternative environment based on spirituality and creativity.

My parents:

In a home where meditation was practiced daily and where both parents worked creatively, my basic building blocks became an alternative approach to life  and how it can be perceived and lived.

My father, Preben Bredahl Breds was one of the first commercials film instructors from Gutenberghus Advertising back in the 1960s. He has also written and exhibited ‘the history of toilets’, started a sports museum, as well as written numerous opinion pieces and articles. My mother Kirta Wandel has taught meditation, massage, coaching and been living as a painter and artist for the past 45 years. My stepfather for 27 years, Jacob Branner, is a physician and psychiatrist, who has had an alternative approach to psychiatry.

I played in the fabric piles:

As far back as I remember, I have always been sitting among my mother’s fabric piles on the floor. She used fabrics scraps for her paintings. Our basement was filled bags of discarded textiles, which I was free to use in any form of creativity. From a very early age I began to change the design of my own clothes, sew clothes for dolls.

Already as a young girl I was concerned about consumption and the misuse of the earth’s resources in the western world. This manifested itself during puberty as I became a punk who protested against the world’s injustices, hunger, wars, the slaughter of endangered species and the felling of the rainforest.

At 12 years old, I read the British anthropologist and primatologist Jane Goodall’s book In the Shadow of Man, which left a deep impression on me. Another book by Gerald Durell My Family and Other Animals  helped to  shape my interest and respect for nature and animals in this wonderful world.

So I separated myself very  quickly and took  a position. All my clothing was black with holes and worn out.  My hair was dyed black. Once in a while I was bald on the sides, donning a mowhawk. Tampons were used as earrings and a spider web was likely painted across my face. In all these years, my greatest wish was to become a zoologist or biologist, but as time went on, the creative abilities and the desire to continue working in the world of textiles took precedent.

When my protests had been lived out through my visual expression, I started as a young student at the Danish Design school and began volunteering in the National Association Experimental Animals Protection. This gave me a very different perspective on the opportunities that could be created by being educated as a fashion designer.


Luckily I am not a single child but have 2 sisters and 1 brother:

Christiane Branner Wilton, my younger sister, is the owner of  LUBAROL, a  store in central Copenhagen, which has repeatedly  received reconiction as one of the city’s most exclusive boutiques.

Troels Bredahl, my younger brother is living abroad as an independent contractor.

Marianne Breds Geoffroy, my older sister, is a specialist in psychiatry.

mor far og mig 1969

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