DIS, Danish Institute for Student Abroad, teacher at the Sustainable Fashion Design. Consultant at Clean Clothes Campain’s project supported by the Danish Government  with main focus on design schools in Denmark, Project Manager at ITMV (The Line with the World) F&ICK Research & Innovation Center KEA, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

2008 – 2013

Lecturer, censor and guest teacher at Copenhagen Business Academy, KEA. The International CSR Summer School. KEA. Copenhagen Business School, CBS, Teko-Center Denmark (TEC), the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, (KADK).


2010 – 2013

Co-aoutor at GUIDELINES II

Presentation of the book ‘GUIDELINES II’ at the conference ‘Towards Sustainability in the Fashion and Textile Industry’, Crown Plaza Hotel April 2011.

Book release and reception at KEA 2013.


 2009 – 2012 Childminder and MED representative at Gentofte Municipality in Copenhagen.


 2007 – 2008

Design consultant in fair trade company OI SOI OI


 2004 – 2013

Design tasks for private, fashion shop Lubarol, Chenillehome v / Anette Arendt Frølich, consultancy regarding. décor and commissions, portraits, as well as mentoring and guidance of design students.


 2002 – 2003

Consultant and Project Manager in collaboration with the consulting / engineering firm Ramboll on the project: “Integration of environmental and fashion ‘project was commissioned by the Ministry of Environment to inform and encourage Danish textile and clothing companies to implement environmentally friendly products in their production.

The project completed with a conference and an exhibition at the Danish Design Centre for the Danish fashion and textile industry as well as Danish press 


 2001 – 2002  In collaboration with Ramboll  I write and publish ‘GUIDELINES I‘ – A Handbook for the textile and clothing industry. The book is published in both Danish and English.


 1999 – 2002

I start up a shop in Klareboderne, Copenhagen together with the designers Tina Hjort and Helle Krüger, with our own brand ‘PARADIGM’. Eco-produced gala, party and wedding dresses plus exclusive everyday clothes for trendy women.


1995 – 1998

I start up the Sustainable Solution Design Association (SSDA) in collaboration with Tina Hjort, supported by the  Danish Ministry of Environment GREEN Foundation. The work of SSDA is based solely on dissemination and development of a number of projects under the theme of environment and Fashion: Lectures, exhibitions, posters, leaflets, environment and the production of the fashion magazine ‘ITCH’ and the fashion show ‘ORGANIC’ at the City of  Culture 1996 / IFOAM’s organic world exhibition on Holmen. At the time I am represented in the Danish medias  several times regarding sustainable and organic production.



1995 – 2012

 I have once or several times lectured the following locations:

  • Manchester Metropolitan University, Dep textile/fashion, England.
  • Faculty of design, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Danmarks Designskole (i dag KADK)
  • Tekocenter Danmark
  • Hellerup Håndarbejdsseminarium
  • Beklædningsfagskolen i Odense
  • Djurs Håndarbejdeskole
  • Håndarbejdsskolen Nykøbing F.
  • Skals Håndarbejdsskole
  • Håndarbejdets Fremmes Seminarium
  • Egmont Højskolen i Odder
  • Miljøministeriet i forbindelse med miljøkonference
  • Frederiksbergs voksen HF
  • Københavns Erhvervsakademi (KEA)
  • Copenhagen Business School (CBS)


(Which include only the largest)

2000 Special Exhibition of Art & Design and North Jutland Art Museum of PARADIGM

Participates in the exhibition: ‘LIVING DESIGN FROM DENMARK’, which was exhibited in Barcelona and Madrid.

 Invited subsequent to exhibit at Sofie Holm in the exhibition ‘DANISH DESIGN NEWS’.


Participates in Nordic design exhibition project under the theme: ‘QUALITY OF LIFE, ECOLOGY and RESOURCES’. The exhibition was shown in London, Vienna, Berlin and Budapest.

1995 Participates in ‘Culture 96’s fashion show: FUTURE OF FASHION’ on the ferry KRONBORG.


1989 – 1994

Admitted to the Danish Design School (DDS) and ends as an industrial designer specializing in ‘Sustainable Design’


Language student from Aurehøj Statsgymnasium.



Engelsk: writing and speaking



Internship at Esprit, Ecollection in San Francisco, USA.

Esprit beeing the first company to globally produced eco-friendly clothing under the direction of chief designer Lynda Grose.


2007 Alecto, Netcomkursus
2010  RITE Group Conference, Shaping Tomorrow’s Industry 6 October, London
2011 Towards Sustainability in the Fashion and Textile Industry, Crown Plaza Hotel, CBH, Denmark April 2001
2012 NICE, NordicFashionSummit, The Danish Operahouse, CBH, Denmark May 3
2013 MISTRA Future Fashion meeting, Malmø, Sweeden May 29
2013 MISTRA Internation Researcher Workshop on Sustainable Fashion, CBS, CBH, Denmark May 30
2014 Facilitator på YOUTH FASHION SUMMIT under Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014


1987 – 1997

Volunteer at the National Animal Association Protection against Experimental , of which the last years consisted as a board member.

 2012 –

President of the Association SSDA, Sustainable Solution Design Association

 2013 –

Board member of the Association Fair2Wear



1997 Vincent
2001  Mira
2005  Alva