I have, in collaboration with Annie Toft Pedersen ( the graphic designer Guidelines II), found a logo which contains all the elements for me that are important in all its simplicity.


In 1936 wrote Thit Jensen a book called Hideous Krumpen. Hideous Krumpen is a classic that is still being reviewed and published.


The novel being published many times since 1936, is one of this era’s most read novels in Denmark. Critics have given the novel as “wild imagination” and “saturated style” because of the many detail-rich descriptions. Thit Jensen was ahead of her time and released with Hideous Krumpen one of the first Danish historical novels, where the loser was the protagonist. Many believe that Thit Jensen’s Hideous Krumpen have tried to compete with her brother Johannes V. Jensen, who wrote Fall of the King more than 30 years earlier.


In this narrative occurs a girl named Drude. When I come into the world in 1968, my father had just read this book and thus I get the name Drude-Katrine.


Druder is after the old German folklore female figures of elves. In recent superstitions sank them down to become ghostly beings, witch-like spirits that operates all kinds of evil sorcery and especially plagues people at night. In the southern German acts and  plays with witches commonly used the word Drude or Trude as synonymous with a witch; Drude-night is Walpurgis-(Walpurgis-) night, 1 May, when the witches tend to accumulate. The old drudes were supposed to have a swan or goosefoot, drudefoot why these creatures may come from pagan antiquity Valkyries, swan maidens, which flew through the air wearing a swan plumage. Grimm derives the word Drude of valkyrie name Thrudr.



A druid is a person with heart and soul has sworn to protect nature and through her steel fixed determination to carry out this task is able to draw upon the forces that are saved in every plant, every animal and in the actual the elements that are built up by Nieraham.

A druid is able to communicate with nature, but not only that: When a strong enough connection has been established between a druid and a particular aspect of its environment, the druid is able to take form as this aspect and to take advantage of its properties. This phenomenon is called the incarnation and should not be confused with a totem, as druid only temporarily borrows the power of nature when it is in its incarnation as a totem is a permanent link between the druid and an aspect of nature. Druids are mostly hermits who live alone in the wilderness and rarely communicate with other living creatures than nature’s animals. It is extremely rare that a druid guests a city, and there’s never heard of a druid who has actually lived in one. Instead, druids keeps either for themselves or in small drude-circles.


Mandala means ‘sacred circle’ in Sanskrit and is used symbolically in several religions to create higher levels of consciousness and healing of body and spirit. Mandalas have been used for thousands of years in Indian, Hindu and Buddhist religious practice to initiate healing of body, spirit and mind, and they connect as a bridge to the highest and lowest areas of consciousness.